New Holiday Cups at Starbucks Come Out Tomorrow, People Don't Like Them

On Thursday, Starbucks festive cup designs are returning to stores, along with this year's selection of decadent drinks.

And of course pretty much every year, these cups come with controversy... In the past, Starbucks has been criticized for not being Christmas enough, not being heterosexual enough, and the story goes on.

The 2019 cups have four different designs--Polka Dots, Merry Dance, Merry Stripes, and Candy Cane Stripe--all with a green, white and red color scheme. Those all seem fine...

The problem people have this year is with this reusable red cup that the chain is selling a limited number of. It features the phrase the phrase “Merry Coffee.” People don't seem to like the fact that "Christmas" has been replaced with "coffee."

This is the world we live in, folks!

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