Help Scott Beat Hunger with 51 For Fun!

Hi, it’s Scott. Before anything else...

PLEASE Donate to the 51 For Fun Ferris Wheel Fundraiser HERE.

As you can imagine, I have several thousand words about the 51 For Fun Ferris Wheel Fundraiser for the Food Bank for Larimer and Weld County Food Bank. But let me start by giving a simple 5-Ws about the event.

Who: Me. Big 97.9. Scheels All Sports. Food Bank for Larimer County. Weld County Food Bank.

What: 51 For Fun Ferris Wheel Fundraiser

When: The Sit-Down Party is at 1:50 p.m. on Thursday November 14th and I’ll ride that sucker until the Stand-Up Party at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday November 16th.

Where: On the Ferris Wheel inside Scheels All Sports at 4755 Ronald Reagan Boulevard in Johnstown.

Why: In my mind it’s simple. Food is an absolute basic need. Some families and people go through rough spots and need food. Northern Coloradans are good people with massive hearts. And the Weld County Food Bank and Food Bank for Larimer County are amazing organizations who take the generous donations of those good-hearted Northern Coloradans who donate and make go incredibly far in the effort to combat hunger.

But hunger is a relentless coward that never stops.

So, the good Lord gave me a big mouth and a big butt and I’ll use what I have to raise awareness and money and ask you to do what you can to combat said coward. Here are some facts:

  • 40% of the children in NoCo qualify for free and reduced lunch. For many, school is the only place they’ll receive a nutritious meal. Your generosity ensures that a kid just has to worry about being a kid and not when their next meal might be and where it might come from.

  • 1 in 5 people in Northern Colorado are food insecure. Look around you. Choose a group of five folks. One of those five doesn’t know when they’ll next eat. Let’s help stamp that out!

  • NoCo has a special problem – “The Working Poor.” You know that it’s expensive to live here. Good people with amazing spirits work multiple jobs to put food on the table and keep the roof over their family’s head. You’ve heard the term “working poor” and at the Food Banks they see it first-hand. Nearly three quarters of the households they serve have at least one adult who is employed, retired or disabled. They are oil field workers, truck drivers, retired teachers and many other respectable professionals who are at a tough time in their life.

There are common phrases we often hear from people about what brought them to the food bank. “Scarce,” “tight,” and “bad” are just some of the terms used to describe their financial situation. When money is tight, food isn’t the only thing that families must decide whether they can afford to buy. They must decide if they can afford the medication they so desperately need, which often must be taken with food. Towards the end of the month they must decide if they will be able to pay their rent or mortgage on time. When winter comes and heating costs rise, they must decide whether they can afford to pay the utility bill.

Your generosity helps the food banks in the fight! Simple facts on your donation:

  • With the purchasing power and programs available to the food banks, a $1 donation becomes $10 in food!

  • A $1 donation can provide two meals for those in need.

  • A $25 donation can feed a family of four a complete Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and all the trimmings!

Look, I’m not riding this pig for over two days for grins. Kindly, here’s how you can help:

Donate. Please. HERE. I hope to be half-way to our goal of $51,000 before I even place cheek on seat.

  • I’m asking for a “standard” donation of $1 an hour. I know $51 is a lot of money. It will provide 102 meals. $510 in food. TWO Thanksgiving dinners for families of four.

  • Fifty-cents an hour - $25.50 – provides 51 meals and feeds a family of four Thanksgiving dinner.

Come ride the wheel with me! All proceeds from “fares” while I am on the Scheels Ferris Wheel are donated to the food banks and count toward our $51,000 goal. It costs just $1. Bump your donation to $10, ride the wheel AND receive a Scheels t-shirt or cap!

Want to ride in the car with me? It costs $25, we’ll get you a Scheels t-shirt or cap, we’ll take a selflie and put it in our online gallery AND we’ll feed a family of four Thanksgiving dinner!

PLEASE use the power of your social media voice and share everything! Please use the hashtag #51ForFun. Please share this article. Throughout the event, I’ll post numerous things from the Ferris wheel. SHARE THEM – please! Your voice helps us spread the word and raise the dollars to kick hunger’s butt!

My personal accounts – Facebook (ScottKJames). @ScottKJames on Twitter (which I rarely use but will for this event). @ScottKJames on Instagram (Which I NEVER use but will for this event.)

The Scott and Sadie accounts – Facebook (ScottandSadie). @ScottandSadie on Twitter. @ScottandSadie on Instagram.

THANK YOU for helping defeat hunger in NoCo! See you on the Scheels Ferris Wheel!

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