Watch a Colorado Bull Rider Ride a Bull No-Handed

If you were one of the 5,000 plus people who attended the New Years Eve Extreme Rodeo at the Budweiser Events Center earlier this week, you got quite a treat right in front of your face, but if you weren't there, luckily there is video...

Local bull rider/country singer Jesse Cornett hoped on a bull for his turn at the annual event, and when things didn't go right with his hand in the rope, he decided to keep on riding to the eight second whistle... NO HANDED!!!

The good news is, Jesse made the whistle. The bad news is the judge gave him the thumbs down sign saying he had been disqualified for not holding onto the tail of the bull rope, which is required to receive a score.

Ultimately the ride meant nothing as far as points and a paycheck go, but Jesse didn't let it get him too far down, that was only part of his night. He was also the headliner of the rodeo's after-party, singing in front of 1,000 plus as they rang in the New Year. Not bad for one nights work...

Check out the no-handed ride...

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