A New Girl Scout Cookie is Coming This Year

Girl Scout Cookie Time

It won't be long before those sashed devils will be pushing their demon sugar at a door-step or King Soopers entrance near you.

And this year, they have a new product.

Lemon-Ups. They're a crisp, lemon-flavored biscuit with a sweet, glazed layer. And they have inspirational, "I am" affirmation-style sayings on the front.

Like "I AM Creative."

"I AM Strong."

"I AM Gutsy."

"I AM Fat." No. They don't say that. But they should. All those sugar and carbs you're ingesting, it's just a precursor of things to come...

Giurl Scout Cookie season starts here in a few weeks - about the time you're starting to lose steam on your New Year's resolution.

Eat up!

Image Cred: Getty Images

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