It's Now Considered Rude to Leave a Voicemail

And you thought this crap was going to end in 2020, didn't you?! You thought we were going to go back and be normal human beings and not a bunch of overly-sensitized twits, didn't you?! You. Were. WRONG!!!

There's a new book called "Kill Reply All: A Modern Guide to Online Etiquette." The author says that there is, "no purpose for voicemails in the modern age." Sitting through a two minute message is "super inefficient and inconvenient."

Also "icky."

The author says you should never leave voicemails, and if someone doesn't pick up, you should just hang up and send them a text instead. Said author is assuming, of course, that the number you are calling is a cell phone. Interesting - do you just instantly assume that every number you call in 2020 is a cell phone?

More new rules for 2020: Spur-of-the-moment phone calls are now rude, too. So, rather than using that phone to, oh, make a damn call, she says to text first and ASK the person if they want to use their phone to, well, talk on.

A few more rules to follow:

  • Don't use periods at the end of texts. Because punctuation is so totally icky.
  • Don't ALWAYS "reply all" to group emails. We're actually down with this rule.
  • Only use emojis in moderation, especially in work emails. We'll agree and one up the author - NEVER use emojis in work emails. It's unprofessional.

Read more, if you wanna, in THIS ARTICLE in the New York Post.

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Are voicemails rude?

Should you text before calling?

And what about punctuation in texts?

Can you do 2020 like it was 2019 - let us know...

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