Scott on 2020: A Simple Question I Want You to Ask Others

A man reading the Holy Bible.

You know the old saying, "Trust your gut." I've always had a very strong "gut instinct." Call it intuition - a connection with God. My gut about 2020 is off the chart and I want to have a conversation with you about that.

2020 will be a year of transformational change. I believe it will be a year we find the center again. I believe we'll abandon the extremes - the zero sum games we have been playing - and begin to actually speak to one another again. Without yelling. Without belittling. I honestly believe that rational hearts and minds will take over and we'll begin searching for understanding.

But this won't happen without pain - without the old way kicking and screaming - metaphorically, of course - before the new way takes hold.

So it is up to regular folks like you and me to take action in ways we never have before. Today, a simple note about doing just that.

One of the simplest, most powerful ways we can help one another is to petition the Almighty on each other's behalf. Simply, pray for one another. Yes, pray.

I won't shy away from my personal beliefs in these conversations with you and what you must know is that at my very foundation I am a bible believing Christian. But I am also a strong advocate of the 1st amendment. So that's fine if you aren't a bible believing Christian. Believe in Islam. Budha. Be a Jew. Be a Wiccan. Believe in the dirt nap. That's fine. But for purposes of this post and for me to make this point, I'll strongly suggest we lift one another up in prayer.

Lose yourself. While you greatly matter - for purposes of this exercise, it ain't about you. It's about your voice to God's ears, petitioning the almighty on behalf of your earthly brothers and sisters. What could be more powerful and more simple? Ask your friends and acquaintances this: How may I pray for you? And then do it.

At the end of this post, I'll share my Facebook post and the response I received when I asked that simple question. People have needs. People are hurting. And we have a God who heals wounds and hearts and fulfills needs. Let's connect the two.

2020 will be a transformational year and I look forward to talking to you about it. But before I type another word I must ask, How may I pray for you?

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