The Legend of Sonny Lubick

A very cool article in the Coloradoan by Kelly Lyell about the legendary coach of the Colorado State University Rams. Kelly does a great job writing about a man who is near and dear to our hearts. In the article, Kelly described him as "authentic, caring, compassionate." Yup.

In the far-too-few times we've worked with Sonny, we picked up on that, too. Sonny gets it. It's more than about wins and losses. It's about character and community. Integrity and honesty. Being genuine and humble. CARING about people. Sonny gets involvement in and investment in one's community. It's a credo we've tried to live by - we only hope to accomplish 1/100th what Sonny has for NoCo.

I (it's Scott typing - so you'll know who "I" is) had the honor of serving as Master of Ceremonies of the MS Dinner of Champions when Sonny and Carol Jo were honored for their dedication in fighting that ugly disease. I always wanted to visit with the honorees to get their vision for the event. So Sonny, Carol Jo, a rep from the MS Society and I met at a restaurant for coffee. I asked the coach about his measure of personal success.

"Oh Scott," Sonny said, "I guess after a game if I go down to the coffee shop and they're still talking to me, I'm doing okay. If they offer to buy me a cup, well, I must have had a pretty good game."

Funny how CSU's most legendary football coach measures success not by wins and losses, but by relationships. There's a lesson to be learned there.

The tribute in the Coloradoan is fitting. Watch the Coloradoan's video below, think of Coach Lubick, and #PleaseDoGoodStuff.

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