The Average Couple Has 72 Arguments a Year About Their Home

A RECENT SURVEY found that the average couple has 72 arguments about their home each year.

Who the hell argues about decor that much?!

That's six a month. About towels and crap. Most of them happen in public. Sheesh. A few more stats...

  • The most common argument is what to spend money on and how much to spend.
  • Of the 72 arguments, eight happen in stores, 39 happen in other public places,m 10 happen in front of our family and friends and 15 happen at home.
  • 58% of people said they sometimes don't offer their opinion because they don't want to start a fight.
  • What makes a house a home? Two holiday seasons, two family visits, two barbecues, one super bowl party, one game night, and returning from two vacations.

Photo cred: Getty Images

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