THE LIST: The Ten Most Stressful Things in Life

So your New Year's Resolution was to not be so stressed? Well, tax season is coming up. And the kid needs braces. And the dog is at the vet. And you really need a physical and to get your teeth cleaned. Oh, and your December credit card bill just came in the mail.

A survey in the New York Post found the 10 most stressful things in life.

1. Taxes. 73% of people say it's a top cause of stress in their life.

2. Going to the doctor, 67%.

3. Holiday shopping, 64%.

4. Going to the dentist, 64%.

5. Family events, 64%.

6. Credit card debt, 64%.

7. Traveling, 61%.

8. How much money we have in the bank, 60%.

9. Paying our rent or mortgage, 59%.

10. Visits from our in-laws, 59%.

Photo Cred: Getty Images

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