Five Cougars Caught on Home Surveillance

Scott hates internet-enabled home cams. Somebody is going to hack into it and get photos of you in your unmentionables. And the Ring Doorbell. Stupid. Ding-dong-ditching is a time honored tradition ruined by you doorbell surveillance nazis.

But sometimes, the home security cams snap some cool stuff. A rare sight in east-central California as a home surveillance system captures five mountain lions roaming in a pack.

The footage comes from Pioneer in Amador County. Peter Tira with the State Department of Fish and Wildlife tells station KTXL that it's extremely rare to see the big cats together outside of mating season as they aren't normally tolerant of one another.

He says they think the pack may be a mother and several cubs stretching over multiple litters - very unusual since mothers normally kick their kids out after a year.

Homeowner Chris Bruetsch says his isn't worried about the visitors. Tira echoed that sentiment adding that mountain lions usually "want very little to do with humans." Wildlife biologists have been beneficiaries of an influx of new video evidence as more people install home camera systems.

Of course, that leads us to ask - what's the weirdest thing you've ever caught on your security cam or doorbell app?

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