Just How Much Do We Spend in a Month - and In a Lifetime - Eating Out?

We ever so love eating out. They bring you food and adult beverages. What's not to love?! Problem is, they also bring a bill. And when you add up those bills it, well, adds up.

A new survey says the average person now spends $281 every month going to eat out. That number seems low to us.

That adds up to $3,372 every year. Still way low.

During your adult Lifetime, that's more than $200,000 you'll spend going to restaurants. That, our friends, is a house. Granted, not in Colorado. But we bet you can get a $200,000 house in Arkansas or Alabama or someplace like that.

The survey also found 83% of people had eaten at a fast food restaurant in the past month . . . 61% had gone to a casual sit-down restaurant . . . and 61% had gone to a pizza place or gotten pizza delivered.

Crap. They're also counting pizza deliveries. Make that two houses.

Photo Cred: Getty Images

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