A Study Finds Your Cat Will Eat Your Dead Body

We've never trusted cats. We never will. They're spiteful - and apparently hungry.

We've seen the studies on dogs. Fido is your best friend. Fido would never betray you, unless you unexpectedly die alone with Fido. Then Fido will eat you - studies show within about three days.

But fluffy the cat? Fluffy is entirely too finicky to eat you after you die. Or so we assumed.

A team at Colorado Mesa University's Forensic Investigation Research Station just released the results of a study that answered just that: If you dropped dead, would your cat eat you?

Colorado Mesa found this out rather by gross accident - they didn't intentionally research the cat. They literally take bodies donated to scientific research and leave them outside to watch how they decompose. What sicko wants to study this?!

Anywho, two cats wandered onto the property where they were doing this experiment. And they began to eat. Yes. Eww.

Even though there were more than 40 bodies, both cats just picked one and came back to eat it night after night for more than a month.

The researchers also found that both cats ate the arms first. Just in case you were curious.

Photo Cred: Getty Images

Content Cred: Albany Times Union

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