Next Monday Is One of the Top Days of the Year to Fake a Sick Day

If your boss hears this and we screw up your plans, well, we're sorry - kinda. According to a new study, next Monday is one of the top Mondays of the year to FAKE being sick.

Look, we've all faked sick, so there's no judgement here. But there is fair warning. The boss may not buy your crap.

The jobs website found that the #1 day we fake the flu bug last year was the day after Christmas. The top 10 is totally dominated by Mondays...

1. December 26th.

2. April 22nd, the Monday after Easter.

3. January 2nd, right after New Year's.

4. May 13th, the Monday after Mother's Day.

5. July 8th, the first Monday after Independence Day.

6. August 12th, also a Monday.

7. March 18th, the Monday after St. Patrick's Day.

8. October 21st, a random Monday in the lead-up to Halloween.

9. Monday, June 24th.

10. January 7th, which was a Monday last year.

This coming Monday - Martin Luther King Day - just missed the top 10 at #11. The least popular day to fake sick is any given Friday. That's way too damn obvious.

How do you view sick days? Are they something to be used only when you're on your deathbed? Or do you view them as extra vacation days to be used at your leisure?

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