People Who Sleep Naked Have More Sex

According to a new survey, people who sleep in the NUDE tend to have more SEX.

It's not clear if snoozing in the buff leads to more sex . . .or people who sleep naked are just more free and open with their dangly bits than the rest of us.

According to the poll, the average nude sleeper gets lucky FIVE times a week. That's compared to four times for people who wear pajamas. (Four to five times a WEEK? Where did they do this poll, Spring Break?)

The top reasons people gave for sleeping naked were, "I feel more comfortable" . . . "I get hot at night" . . . "It's relaxing" . . . "It's healthier" . . . and, "To improve [their] sex life."

Comfort was also the #1 consideration for people who prefer pajamas.

The top five reasons for wearing PJs are, "It's more comfortable" . . . "It's warmer" . . . "It's relaxing" . . . "So I don't have to wash my sheets as often" . . . and, "Because I don't want someone to accidentally see me naked."

Photo Cred: Getty Images

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