Why Is Miranda Lambert Smiling on the Cover of Her "Wildcard" Album?

MIRANDA LAMBERT was talking to "Billboard" about her album, "Wildcard" . . . and one of the things that came up really surprised me.

A friend told her "Wildcard" is the first album cover of hers where she looks happy in the photo. It's the one that looks like an old school pinup. She's wearing lingerie, fishnet tights, and she has a sly smile on her face. Well, here's the reason for that grin.

She and Brendan McLoughlin had just gotten married, and that put her in a very good place. Quote, "That smile may just be the wildcard I pulled out of my sleeve this time because of where I've gotten in my life. The title just fit."

Here's another interesting fact: "Wildcard" is the fourth album of hers that has a "one-word title" . . . and that's kind of her lucky charm.

Quote, "My one-word titles have been special records, a little more special than the others for some reason or another . . . so I wanted it to be right." The other one-word titles are "Kerosene", "Revolution", and "Platinum".

Content Cred: Billboard, CMT

Photo Cred: Getty Images

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