Courtland Sutton to Broncos Fans: Don't You Dare Cheer for the Chiefs!

The Kansas City Chiefs are headed to the Super Bowl after they crushed the Titans 35-24. Our guess is that you know one of those insufferable damn Chiefs fans. Kansas is their home. Then they invaded our state and brought all their red crap with them. And now, after fifty-years, their Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl and they're going bat-crap crazy.

Broncos wide receiver Courtland Suttons thinks that if you're a Broncos fan, you dare not cheer for the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. Sutton shared a meme on his instagram story on Saturday showing his disapproval of Broncos fans rooting for the Chiefs...

Number 14 brings about an interesting fan dilema. The Chiefs and the Broncos are arch rivals. We don't like the Chiefs and the feeling is mutual.

But if the Broncos can't be in the big game, shouldn't we want the AFC team to win?

Use your Facebook login below - do you agree with Sutton? Are you a Broncos traitor if you cheer for the Chiefs?

Photo Cred: Getty Images

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