Is National Treasure 3 Finally Happening at Disney?!

It's Scott typing. I'd talk to Sadie about this, but her eyes would gloss over and roll up into the back of her head and she'd wonder when My 600 Pound Life was on.

In my eyes, the National Treasure movies were perfect. American History, mystery, intrigue, a funny guy, a hot babe - all the above! National Treasure 1 - a treasure map on the back of the Declaration of Independence which had to be stolen from the National Archives?! PERFECT! National Treasure 2 - a treasure map that leads to steals from the white house, Buckingham Palace, and then finally finds the loot in Mount Rushmore?! Even PERFECTER! (Is that a word?) A cliffhanger at the end of NT2 which perfectly sets them up for NT3 - yasssssss - and then...

Nick Cage goes bat-crap crazy.

Well, that's my theory anyway. There is whole long list of reasons why movie buffs thought National Treasure 3 would never be made in this video produced in 2018...

Fortunately, it's 2020 and for NT Nerds, there are glimmers of hope...

Word is Jerry Bruckheimer is on board. He has been promising the movie since 2008. He even had a script back in 2010.

It also looks like Nicolas Cage will be returning as Benjamin Gates. He's on his meds and he needs the money (last sentence: OUR speculation).

Just a few months ago, Disney president Bob Iger said...

I know that Jerry Bruckheimer who produced National Treasure 1 and 2 would like to make a third movie and I know that discussions about that film have gone on, probably since 2016, with our studio, but I know that they have not greenlit such a film. They have talked about a number of different possibilities both on the creative side and from a timing perspective and I just don’t have anything to announce, though I did speak with Mr. Bruckheimer not long ago about it and I know his passion for that franchise remains pretty strong. We love those first two films too, but we’re not quite there yet.

In this clip, join Scott in a By-God America-lover's nerdgasm at 1:51 - THIS dialogue says it all...

Gates: And because you're the president of the United States, sir. Whether by innate character, or the oath you took to defend the Constitution, or the weight of history that falls upon you. I believe you to be an honorable man, sir.
The President: Gates, people don't believe that stuff anymore.
Gates: They want to believe it.

I believe they do - with all my heart, I believe people want to believe in America - in her promise. In her goodness. Which is why when, selecting the people we elect to serve in office, we should worry less about their political pedigree or what the press says about them and we should worry more about their character.

End of sermon. The Good News: It looks like NT3 is on! Now, maybe we'll learn what's on Page 47!

Photo Cred: Getty Images

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