The Scott and Sadie Daily for Monday January 20, 2020

Here's what's on our minds for Monday - hate to do it, but let's start with some really morbid news...

A Study Finds Your Cat Will Eat Your Dead Body

Just more research proving our point about felines. Just more reasons to never trust a cat. Gross - but read more HERE.

National Treasure 3 Finally Happening at Disney?

The National Treasure movies are hands-down two of Scott's favorite movies. National Treasure 2 left us perfectly poised for National Treasure 3, AND THEN...

New Petition: Move Super Bowl Sunday to Saturday

We think is utterly worthless and means nothing. That being said, there's a new petition on (which is utterly worthless and means nothing) to move the Super Bowl to a Saturday. Read all about it HERE.

The 2020 Greeley Blues Jam Announced Its Artists

If you're big on the blues, then Greeley's 2020 event looks to be, well, big. Check out the lineup HERE.

The Chiefs Are in the Super Bowl

And all the Kansans who left their boring state to move to the scenic front range of Colorado are going bat crap crazy. Broncos wide receiver Courtland Suttons thinks that if you're a Broncos fan, you dare not cheer for the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. More HERE.

What Do You Suppose King George Strait is Worth?

Let's put it this way - it's good to be the king. Celebrate Flashback Friday by discovering King George's bankroll HERE.

Luke Bryan Announces 2020 Tour

Attention: Pretty little things in a sundress riding in a truck jacked up on 35's - Luke Bryan has announced his 2020 tour. Country girls, standby to shake it for him and get tour info HERE.

People Who Sleep Naked Have More Sex

Well, you didn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out. But some pHD candidate in some university somewhere took a big old sweaty wad of government money to do this brainless survey. So you just as well read it HERE.

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