Can You Taste Foods by Putting Them on Your Body?

Believe it or not, we have taste bud receptors all over our bodies.

So the question is, if you put some food on different parts of your body, would you be able to taste it?

The reason we're asking the question is because of a trend on TikTok, where some guys are putting soy sauce on their crinkly bits to see if they can, well, taste it. And some SWEAR they can. We believe this is a good time to stress the importance of today's youth in getting a damn job so they don't have this kind of spare time on their hands (and soy sauce on their privates).

But we digress...

According to a doctor, you probably CAN'T taste the food, even with all those taste buds everywhere.

Quote, "Just because you have taste buds in that area doesn't mean you can physically taste those flavors. Your body might receive it, but you won't have a perceptive taste of sweet, sour, or whatever flavor."

But you gotta admit, you're kinda curious now, aren't you?!

There's more HERE, if you really don't have anything better to do.

Photo cred: Getty Images

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