You'll Spend Around Two Years of Your Life Cleaning

Need a strong case for living in filth. Okay. Try this as an opening statement: You'll spend around 120 days of your life doing general cleaning around the house, including 60 days vacuuming and another 60 cleaning the bathroom. You'll also spend at least 640 days washing dishes.

Added up, that's 760 total days - or about two YEARS of your life.

The survey also found that at least a FEW people have recognized that living in squalor is a way to save precious time.

2% of people go more than a month without cleaning their bathroom. 1.7% never clean out their fridge. 4.5% only wash their sheets every few months. 3% use a towel at least 10 times before they wash it.

Ewwww. But think of the time they're saving?!

We're unsure why you want to read more, but HERE you go...

Photo cred: Getty Images

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