KFC Apologizes For 'Sexist' Ad

KFC is apologizing for a new ad critics are calling 'sexist'.

The ad, which aired in Australia, features a woman checking out her reflection in a car window, only for the window to roll down and reveal two young boys ogling her cleavage, along with their disapproving mother.

After critics accused the ad of using "tired and archaic stereotypes" where women are "objectified", KFC offered an apology to "anyone offended by our latest commercial".

Ya, ya - true dat - women are objectified and it preys on stereotypes. But damnit, it's funny. And apparently we've forgotten how to laugh.

The 15-second spot has been viewed more than 50,000 times on YouTube as of Tuesday.

Check the ad out below and the answer a question or two...

Do you think the ad crosses the line?

Was KFC's apology sufficient?

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