DoT Wants To Ban Support Animals Other Than Dogs From Flights

It's about damn time the Department of Transportation got woke to being scammed by snowflakes.

We're sick and damn tired of people with their emotional support squirrels and aardvarks and ponies and peacocks.

SUCK IT UP, Buttercup - deal with a little plane anxiety the way real adults do - with two vodkas and a wide variety of pharmaceuticals.

That pet rabbit ain't calming - or fooling - a solitary soul aboard your oversold flight.

The Department of Transportation is proposing new rules that would greatly restrict the types of 'emotional support' animals allowed on airplanes.

Under the new proposal, only dogs that are specifically trained to aid humans as service animals would be allowed on flights. All other animals would have to fly under the normal rules for pets.

The DoT says too many passengers "falsely claim their pets are service animals". Recent years have seen people try to board flights with monkeys, snakes, possums, peacocks, and other exotic creatures.

Do you agree with these changes? Have you ever tried flying with a pet?

GREAT story - potential. Tell us about that one time you flew with Fluffy or Fido.

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Photo Cred: Getty Images

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