Lego is Launching an International Space Station

The IRL ISS (In real life International Space Station - if you didn't get that, you need to up your acronym game) has been an orbiting laboratory with a continuous human presence for almost 20-years.

It'll have 864-pieces and will shrink the football-field-sized ISS down to the size of a desktop display.

By the way, your kid will lose just one of those pieces and then you won't be able to finish the damn thing - and that's after you shelled out $69.99 for this now worthless plastic.

The set also comes with the toy blocks to build a to-scale space shuttle orbiter and three cargo vehicles.

The release of the LEGO ISS comes in time to celebrate the past two decades of continuous astronaut occupancy, as LEGO recognized by adding NASA's "ISS 20 Years" logo to the back of the set's box.

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Photo Cred: Getty Images

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