More Americans Get Excited About Valentine's Day Than Christmas?

Getty Images/SAFIN HAMED/Contributor

I don't know if it was fair to do this survey right after the holidays. We're still so burnt out from Christmas. So maybe take this with a grain of salt . . .

A new survey found more of us look forward to Valentine's Day than Christmas.

81% of American adults said they genuinely get excited for Valentine's Day, compared to just 68% who get excited for the holidays.

The majority of us don't think of it as just a romantic holiday though. 63% will celebrate with a significant other this year. But 61% will also celebrate with family . . . 59% with friends . . . 51% with their kids . . . and 28% will do something for their pets.

The top ways we plan to celebrate Valentine's Day this year are by giving gifts . . . going out for dinner . . . cooking a special meal at home . . . treating ourselves to some "me time" . . . and sending cards.

But our #1 GOAL for Valentine's Day is to RECEIVE gifts.

Our top Valentine's Day goals are to get gifts . . . show our partner how much we care . . . BUY people gifts . . . impress someone specific . . . and spend extra time with loved ones.

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