You Can Vote On The Name Of NASA's Next Mars Rover

Remember a couple years back when the British decided to let the public name their newest naval vessel? Their chosen name - "Boaty McBoatface." Awesome - and a valuable lesson for the Brits.

NASA wants online voters to help choose the name of its next Mars rover - and no, it's not going to be 'Rover McRoverface'.

Perhaps hoping to avoid that scenario, NASA has already narrowed the choices down to nine possible names: Endurance, Tenacity, Promise, Perseverance, Vision, Clarity, Ingenuity, Fortitude and Courage.

The rover is currently being built at a facility in Pasadena and is set to launch into space this summer, arriving on Mars in February 2021.

To vote, head over to and pick your favorite.

Which of those names is your favorite? Do you think we'll ever send a human to Mars during our lifetime?

Scott thinks so - within the next decade!

Red more HERE, if you please.

Photo Cred: Getty Images

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