Colorado's Best Donut Shop is in Colorado Springs

 Getty/Joe Raedle/Staff

I was wandering around the internet today, when I stumbled upon an article about donuts... I couldn't help myself, so I read it, and learned that Colorado Springs is home to the state's bets donut shop according to The Daily Meal!

The site picked one shop from each state to be the best. and in Colorado it was Amy's Donuts. Here's what the site had to say...

Amy’s Donuts has five locations across the nation, and the shop in Colorado Springs is the best doughnut shop in the state. Amy’s has a massive selection, ranging from chocolate round doughnuts to an “over the rainbow” doughnut that’s topped with rainbow candy. And for holidays like Halloween, Amy’s makes spooky treats like a spider doughnut topped with a creepy critter. If you make a stop at this shop, mix up your dozen with both classic and gourmet treats.

See the full list here.

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