The LIST: 10 Things That Cause Anxiety at Social Events - #1 is SOOOO Sadie

For two people who make their living by supposedly interacting with people, we couldn't be any crappier at it! Let's face it - social events make us anxious! Today's LIST - the Top 10 Things That Cause Us Anxiety at Social Events...

1. Somebody you don't like shows up.

2. You want to leave but feel pressured to stay.

3. You feel like you don't fit in.

4. The only person you know is the host.

5. It's just not any fun.

6. It's a potluck, and no one is eating the food you brought.

7. No one is drinking the beverage you brought.

8. Just WORRYING someone you don't like might show up.

9. You can't drink, because you have to drive home.

10. All the food and drink options suck.

If you can just suffer through the beginning of a party, you might be okay though. The average person said they start to relax 14 minutes in. But we know within 10 minutes if we're going to leave early or not.

(Image Cred: Getty Images, Content Cred: NY Post)

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