The Scott and Sadie Daily for FRIDAY January 24, 2020

Since it's Friday, let's begin with food...

Taco Bell Brings Back Nacho Fries

Just when you thought your New Year's Resolution might succeed, The Bell has other plans - salivate HERE.

So You're a Cat Lover, Huh?

We've heard of people like you. Let's test that love - willing to adopt the "world's worst cat?" Okay, HERE ya go...

Scammers Prey On Our Package Giddiness

Do you get tingly with excitement knowing that a package is showing up at your house. Careful, scammers are targeting you! More HERE.

Was His Last Request to Be Roasted?

The Super Bowl commercials are starting the hype. Planters' ad offs their spokesnut. More HERE.

Forget Serial Killers...

This woman's crime is truly heinous. (And the mugshot is perhaps the sweetest we've ever seen.)

This is Sooooo 2020...

People are actually arguing and getting all triggered on social media about the position in which they sleep. More - if you must - HERE.

And We'll End Today's Daily the Same Way We End the Show...

...with THE LIST: Six Things to Know About Chinese New Year Tomorrow - HERE.

(Photo Cred: Getty Images)

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