Kansas UFO Hunters Claim They Are Behind The Mystery Colorado Drones

Getty/Kittikorn Nimitpara

It's scary enough that the Federal Aviation Administration, Air Force, Drug Enforcement Administration, and U.S. Army Forces Command all claim to have no idea what the mystery drones are that have been flying over Colorado for a few months now. However, the story just got a little freakier!

That's because a group of UFO hunters based out of Wichita, Kansas are now claiming responsibility for the mysterious Colorado drone sightings. The group, known as ArchAngleRECON, claims they have been flying drones in formation over Colorado in an organized search for a tic-tac UFO that's been reported in the area.

The UFO in question was explained by United States Air Force intelligence expert Mike Turber, who told Daily Star Online,“I’ve seen several videos that have gotten me into this. I’m a debunker and I’ve never jumped on the UFO bandwagon. But as I’m watching these videos, I’m seeing some objects that look a lot like a tic-tac would be. There’s one where an aircraft is zooming by at a ridiculous speed. As far as I know, they very well could be these tic-tacs but I have no inside knowledge of what these are and can’t really confirm anything.”

So the way I understand this all, is that it's not the drones we should be worried about, but instead whatever the heck this tic-tac thing is...

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