Beware of Large Boulders the Size of Small Boulders

It happens all the time on mountain roads here in Colorado. We get a little moisture. And the ROCKY Mountains sheds one of its namesakes down onto a road.

Falling Rocks. We've seen the signs.

While a TWEET from a San Miguel Sheriff's Deputy was meant to alert drivers of a potentially hazardous situation on Highway 145, it went viral in a bad way because of the odd wording it contained.

What the what?! An innocent type-o, probably. Or is this highly secret sheriff talk?! Doesn't matter - "a large boulder the size of a small boulder" is now internet famous.

And then this guy got in on the comedy...

And then CBS 4 started picking on them...

Look, we put our foot in our mouths daily, so we'll just thank this fins sheriff's deputy for their service and move on.

(Photo cred: Getty Images)

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