This Year’s Grammys Was Lowest Rated Ever

This comes as no surprise to anyone who lives with us here in Realville, but it has the left coast freaking out...

The numbers are in and this year's Grammys received the lowest-rated show ever.

According to the ratings, the over 3-hour ceremony only had 18.7 million viewers.

When you look deeper the drop in viewership was 6% from last year and 53% drop in viewership from 2012.

Many believe the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter, and the seven other passengers in a helicopter crash played a part in the decline in viewers.

That's what the writers of THIS ARTICLE believed.

But we know different. We're sick and tired of the celebrity self-righteous patting each other on the back and then telling us what rubes we are for believing what we believe and living how we live. Screw that. Shut up and sing.

Did you watch or did you not watch the Grammys this year? Why do you think the ratings sucked? Have award shows jumped the shark?

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