Colorado Man Hopes to Set World Record for Biggest Single Firework

Getty/Ali Majdfar

When you take something super dangerous like a firework, and then try to create the "world's biggest," I feel like you're playing with fire, literally. But we will do it anyway, because 'MERICA!!! 

For a second year in-a-row, a Colorado man will attempt to set a World Record for the biggest single shell firework.

The firework, which is set to be launched in Steamboat on February 8th, is 62-inches, with a 2,500 pound shell and will be shot out of a 26-foot deep hole in the ground.

Last year's attempt failed as it exploded too early. But there were no injuries in the failed attempt, so there's that!

The attempt will be part Steamboat's Winter Carnival when snow is on the ground and fire danger isn’t a concern.

So is this a firework or a bomb? 

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