Local Man Gets $2,000 Electric Bill

KFVR has an article today about some guy in Denver who landed a $2K bill. OUCH. He called the Problem Solvers.

His name is Sam Camarata, and he told FOX31 that he got a phone call from the ever-friendly (and oh-so-helpful) Xcel Energy informing him that he owed $2,000. Pay-up, sucker.

Sam is a rideshare driver. You don't make that kind of dough in a side-hustle! So he made a partial payment.

And he alerted the media. That's what you do when you have a problem with a company, right. Forget calling the actual company - they're stupid - call the media.

So the Problem Solvers - anxious to make some hard-hitting TV magic - called Xcel, where a well-dressed, well-groomed spokesperson said they had thoroughly investigated Mr. Camarata's issue and said that he would still have to pay-up.

Sam apparently had just moved into the apartment and said he had no clue what when on in there before he and his roommate arrived. Obviously some un-yelled-at kid was leaving the damn light on!!!


Ever received a surprise bill? What for? How much?

(Photo Cred: Getty Images, Content Cred: KDVR)

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