Can We Move Girl Scout Cookie Season Away From New Years Resolution Season?

Getty/John Moore/Staff

I've went on this very rant before, but as I was hit up by my "dealer" today I was reminded of the only thing I dislike about Girl Scout Cookies... The time of year they sell them!

A study found the average American gives up on their New Year's resolution on day 32, which is February 1st... One day after the cookies come out in Colorado this year! The cookies are officially on-sale on Jan. 17th, and will be available on the 31st.

They're too hard to say no to, for obvious reasons, and too hard not to eat once you have them! So why do they have to come out during the most vulnerable time of the year, for people who are trying to eat healthier?

We live in a society where we make petitions for anything and everything, and I am strongly considering making a petition to move Girl Scout Cookie Season to around the holidays. No one cares about what they are eating then... Therefore the Scouts will sell more, and we all can feel less guilty eating them, right?

Who's with me?!

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