Ad-Meter's Five Best-Rated and Five Worst-Rated Super Bowl Ads

The Super Bowl ads just aren't fun enough to warrant people watching the Super Bowl JUST for the commercials anymore . . . but there were a few highlights this year.

Ad-Meter has released its annual report on the best and worst-rated ads. The poll includes tens of thousands of participants, plus registered panelists, who were required to rate every eligible national ad during the game.

In the end, these were the Top Five, along with their scores:

1. Jeep, "Groundhog Day", 7.01 . . . Bill Murray reprises his role from the 1993 movie, partially because the game was on Groundhog Day.

2. Hyundai, "Smaht Pahk", 6.98 . . . John Krasinski, Chris Evans, and Rachel Dratch show off their fake Boston accents.

3. Google, "Loretta", 6.77 . . . An old guy asks his Google Assistant to help him find photos, videos, and memories of his wife Loretta, who'd passed away.

4. Doritos, "The Cool Ranch", 6.62 . . . Sam Elliott and his mustache have a dance-battle with Lil Nas X.

5. Rocket Mortgage, "Comfortable", 6.60. . . Jason Momoa strips off his "fake" muscles like a body suit. Underneath, he's scrawny and bald.

Advertisers have a tough job. It's hard to say how a lot of ads will resonate until after they're out, but one thing should've been obvious: Political ads don't work.

And yet, politicians from both sides dropped $10 MILLION for 60 seconds of commercial airtime. And not surprisingly, people didn't want any part of it.

These were Ad-Meter's Bottom Five, along with their scores:

1. Donald Trump's 2020 Campaign, "Criminal Justice Reform", 3.33 . . . Alice Johnson thanks Trump for getting her out of prison for a nonviolent drug offense. (Scott's Note: OF COURSE they picked Trump's ad because, well, TRUMP! Sheesh - it never stops. Enjoy your smokin' economy, ad sellers...)

2. Pop-Tarts, "Fix the Pretzel", 4.10 . . . Pop Tarts Pretzels are introduced in a cheesy ad starring Jonathan Van Ness from "Queer Eye".

3. Mike Bloomberg's 2020 Campaign, "George", 4.23 . . . An anti-gun violence message from Bloomberg. It was about a victim named George Kemp.

4. Quibi, "Bank Heist", 4.40 . . . A botched bank heist advertises the 10-minute episodes on the upcoming Quibi streaming service.

5. SquareSpace, "Winona in Winona", 4.40 . . . Winona Ryder returns to her birthplace of Winona, Minnesota to make a website.

Ad-Meter counted all 62 commercials between the coin toss and the break at the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter . . . including halftime. The ads that aired outside of that window were not considered.

For the full ranking, hit up Last year's Ad-Meter winner was the NFL's "100-Year Game" ad, where a lot of current and former football stars fought over a football at a banquet.

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