Lingerie-Wearing Barista Stops Robbery at Colorado Coffee Shop


From the "you don't see that everyday" category... A story that has made it's way around the country as a woman wearing nothing but lingerie stopped a robbery at a Colorado coffee shop.

If you're like me, the first question you asked is "why she wearing only her undies? Well, in Colorado Springs there is a coffee stand where all the baristas where nothing but their skivvies. It's called Babes Espresso, in case you are wondering.

Anyways, a dude tried to rob the place for a second time, but was stopped by the on-duty barista who slammed the window on the suspect. “She closed the window with the bar and he could not get in as he attempted to enter in from the window and from the rear of the building," said the shop's owner on social media.

The shop also shared a photo of the suspect, who then went on to try and steal some cars in the area, before being taken into custody by police.

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