Activist Wants to Sue Over Halftime Show

A former high school football coach turned far-right activist said on his recent podcast that he wants to sue the NFL for jeopardizing his place in Heaven.

On his "Pass the Salt" webcast, Dave Daubenmire spoke of "crotch shots" and even mentioned that his church had hosted a Super Bowl watch party. He repeatedly referred to the halftime performance as "porn;" though, saying that those who watch porn don't want to see a '50-year-old Jennifer Lopez.'

According to Daubenmire the halftime show violated the values of his home saying "You can't just do that."

After apparently watching all those crotch shots, instead of changing the channel, Daubenmire thinks his eternal damnation is worth $867 Trillion.

Do you think he'll actually file a lawsuit? Did he jeopardize his eternal salvation himself by not flipping the channel? Did your church host a watch party? What was the live reaction to the halftime show?

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(Photo Cred: Getty Images)

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