Are You a Real "Traveler" or Just an Annoying Tourist?

When you travel, do you act like a REAL traveler who appreciates the experience - or are you just another annoying tourist?

A recent survey asked people to name the top signs someone ISN'T an annoying tourist. Here are the top ten:

1. You try the local cuisine. So you don't just go to McDonald's, or eat the same things you eat at home. You branch out.

2. You avoid a lot of the tourist traps and prefer the "hidden gems."

3. You use mass transportation. Like if you were in London, you'd use the Tube instead of Ubering everywhere.

4. You go to museums.

5. You pick restaurants that are more popular with locals than tourists.

6. You try to see a variety of stuff, and visit more than one destination.

7. If you're overseas, you dabble in other languages and try to learn a few phrases.

8. You look for local festivals or celebrations to go to.

9. You pay attention to their rules of etiquette.

10. You talk to locals and ask for advice.

(Photo Cred: Getty Images, Content Cred: Mirror)

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