The Scott and Sadie Daily for Thursday February 6, 2020

What She Wants for Valentine's Day...

Three little words that mean so much - Cheddar Bay Biscuits. More HERE.

So An Activist Wants to Sue Over the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Wait until you see why - HERE.

Have we entered an antisocial media era?

Let's hope so - more HERE.

Love Thyself, Right?

There's a restaurant for you - you'll love the company - HERE.

So you're planning a romantic, Valentine's Day Dinner?!

You may be overthinking it - more HERE.

Do You HATE Your Driver's License Pic?!

You're not alone - and California offers relief HERE. (So you should move back there...)

Here's THE LIST, and it is awesome!

Rejoice, fellow fatties - HERE.

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