Bill Seeks to Allow Re-Shoots for California Driver's License Photos

In a state where looking good is of chief importance, lawmakers are considering legislation that seeks to give residents multiple chances at taking a decent driver's license photo.

If approved, AB-2045 would allow California residents to take up to three shots at getting their legal photo right. "The bill would require the department to establish a voluntary donation, not to exceed $5, for each additional photograph requested," says the bill's author, Assemblyman Phillip Chen. "It would require the department to deposit the revenue derived from the donations into the Motor Vehicle Account in the State Transportation Fund." The transportation fund is used to support driver education programs, Chen notes.

If the bill is approved, it would go into effect January 1st of next year. But don't start planning your re-shoots just yet; a similar bill introduced in 2018 was rejected.

Shouldn't all motor vehicle departments allow people to take new photos -- as long as they pay for them? Why do driver's license photos almost always come out terrible?

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(Photo Cred: Getty Images)

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