Is It Time to Cancel Jim Carrey?

2020 is picking up right where 2019 left off. We love how THIS story calls Carrey's words "potentially sexist." Meaning, they're not really sexist, but we're going to wait and see if enough people get outraged.

We just can't take it. But that's us. You decide for yourself...

The Cancel Brigade is coming after JIM CARREY, after he made a potentially sexist crack to a female reporter while promoting "Sonic the Hedgehog".

The woman's name is Charlotte Long, and she asked Jim if there was anything left on his bucket list and he said, quote, "Just you." Charlotte actually laughed, and Jim added, quote, "It's all done now."

Then she said, quote, "Wow, I don't know what to say to that!" And Jim told her to "Just own it."

Check it out here. Skip to 1:38.

And now people are calling Jim sexist and sleazy and all kinds of other things - although others are defending him and wondering why people can't take a joke anymore.

And in some message boards and comment sections, it's most likely already turned into a Trump vs. Pelosi argument, because that's how it be in 2020.

Just us doing a little Devil's advocate here (because we're so sick and tired of the damn overly sensitive snowflakes, we could just scream): Is it possible that Jim simply meant "be interviewed by" and not "have sex with"? Because then he says "It's all done now," to indicate that his bucket list item has been achieved. And as far as we can see, no sexual favors were exchanged. Just something to think about.

(Photo Cred: Getty Images)

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