Officials Remove 8,000 Pounds of Garbage from Stinky California Home

Back in June, residents of Fairfield, California neighborhood began complaining about a stench coming from a neighbor's home, which they also said was an eyesore because of all the trash that had accumulated in the yard. Then people began calling about rats and criminal activity around the residence.

On Tuesday, authorities finally began doing something about it. They served a warrant on the homeowners, and since then workers with the city's code enforcement unit have removed more than 8,000 pounds of garbage from the house, according to Fairfield police. They say the bathrooms were so disgusting, the residents and visitors had been relieving themselves outside -- which accounts for the stench wafting from the yard.

Authorities also found a number of vehicles in the yard, all filled with trash and carrying offensive odors, police say. Even though the vehicles have been towed and the massive amount of garbage has been removed, the Fairfield Police Department's Jausiah Jacobsen admits the stench still lingers over the property. "The problem is these things take time," he says.

Does someone have a messy habit that annoys you? Describe the most disgusting home you've ever been in.

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(Photo Cred: Getty Images)

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