All the Performers/Appearances for the 2020 Rocky Mountain CMAs

The 2020 Rocky Mountain Country Music Awards are just around the corner, and that means we should probably let y'all know who you can expect to see at the show!

We are proud that at least one representative from all nine states included in the show will be on hand this year. The states included are Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Utah, and New Mexico.

Below is a list of people who'll be involved in the show in some capacity, whether it be for a performance, or some sort of other appearance on-stage. Many other artists and celebrities from the area will be on-hand to take in the show as well. With this many folks involved, we have to warn you that this list is subject to change at any point;

  • Austin Wahlert
  • Brandon Jones
  • Brianna Helbling
  • Bruce Ford
  • Caitlyn Ochsner
  • Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band (tentative)
  • Christopher Thomas
  • Clare Dunn (Presented by M&M Creamery)
  • Colton Orcutt
  • Corb Lund (Presented by M&M Creamery)
  • COVErgeist
  • DJ Bridwell
  • Double Wide
  • Evan Winscott
  • Hailey Frederiksen, Miss Rodeo Colorado
  • Jimmy Weber
  • Kenny Feidler
  • Larry Nix
  • Lazer and Levi
  • Ned LeDoux
  • Nurse Kelley Johnson
  • Savanna Chestnut
  • Savannah Keyes
  • Scooter Brown Band
  • Scott and Sadie
  • Sean Curtis and the Divide
  • Shawn Patrick
  • Stephanie Quayle
  • Trap Kit
  • Tyler Walker

There are still more to be announced, and some special surprises planned also!

Grab tickets for the show here.

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