Rocky Mountain CMAs Team With Montana Silversmiths for 2020 Trophy Buckles

The 2020 Rocky Mountain Country Music Awards are right around the corner on March 13th in Greeley, Colorado. And sticking with the tradition that was started at the first RMCMA show, instead of trophies, winners for each category will receive the coveted RMCMA trophy belt buckle. However, this year, the buckles come from the most well respected buckle maker in America, Montana Silversmiths.

The Rocky Mountain CMAs and Montana have agreed on an exclusive partnership for the 2020 show that will mean all eleven award winners will receive a custom made Montana buckle as their award.

A design concept for the exclusive buckle is pictured above.

Grab tickets for the show here.

Vote on your favorite Rocky Mountain Country artist to win the Fan Army Award, which also receives one of these buckles, here.

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