Coronavirus is Now Actually Impacting Corona Beer Sales

Getty/RODRIGO ARANGUA/Contributor

I feel like this has been the week where Americans finally started taking the coronavirus threat seriously. And we don't want ANYTHING to do with it.

Last month, when people first started hearing about coronavirus, there was a big jump in Google searches to find out if it was spread by drinking CORONA BEER. There were lots of jokes to be made there.

But now... the jokes have turned into actual bad news for Corona. It turns out that ever since the virus was first detected in December, people's feelings on the Corona beer brand HAVE gone down.

A survey found that people are less likely to buy Corona now than any time in at least two years... and the "buzz" around it has taken a major negative turn.

Come on people, don't drink the beer because it tastes like pee... Not because you actually believe it'll make you sick!

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