The Top 10 Safety Rules That Modern Parents Have to Set for Their Kids

Parents today have SO much more stuff to worry about than our parents did. Our parents' safety rules were basically, "Don't run with scissors, but if you DO, don't run too fast."

A new survey asked parents today what kind of rules they need to set to keep their kids safe in our modern world. And here are the 10 most common rules that didn't come up in previous generations . . .

1. Never text or send other people pictures of your body parts.

2. Don't click links in an email if you aren't sure who sent it to you.

3. Don't give out your address online.

4. Ask for permission before you make in-app or in-game purchases.

5. Never call 911 as a joke.

6. Don't accept invites on Xbox from people you don't know.

7. Don't let anyone follow you on social media that you don't know.

8. Don't enter your email on a website without asking permission first.

9. Never type anything in a text message you wouldn't want your parents to read.

10. Don't talk or message with people you don't know.

(Image Cred: Getty Images, Content Cred: Daily Express)

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