Two-Thirds of Us Would Turn Down...

A cruise ship might be the worst place on Earth to be during the coronavirus outbreak. So here's a question: If someone offered you a FREE, all-expenses-paid cruise right now, would you go?

A new survey asked over 1,000 people - and TWO-THIRDS of us would turn it down.

65% of Americans wouldn't go on a cruise right now, even if it was free. That includes 77% of people 65 and older, which is kind of a key demographic for cruises.

Young people were less likely to say they'd skip it. Just 53% of people between 18 and 24 said they wouldn't go.

More than half of people also said they'd cancel ANY international travel plans right now. That's even if they wouldn't get their money back for hotels and plane tickets.

(Image Cred: Getty Images, Content Cred: GOBankingRates)

By the way, so many stores are running out of hand sanitizer that recipes for how to make it using VODKA are going viral. Which begs the question: What's more important, survival or booze?

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