Should You Store Ketchup in the Fridge? People Are Deeply Divided...

Apparently people are more serious than we thought about refrigerating their condiments. Like, way more serious.

Last week, a British website called "Which?" . . . that's kind of like our "Consumer Reports" . . . asked experts which condiments you should store in the fridge, and which ones you should keep in the cupboard.

And people on Twitter were SHOCKED by the experts saying that ketchup should NOT go in the fridge. Now a big debate has broken out.

The article says, quote, "There's no need to keep ketchup in the fridge. Not only does it contain vinegar, but tomatoes are naturally acidic, and this helps to preserve the product in room temperature conditions."

So why do so many of us put it in the fridge? One of the doctors in the article said people can keep it there, quote, "Because they prefer a chilled taste, but otherwise it doesn't need to be refrigerated."

But millions of amateur doctors on Twitter disagreed . . . and there are plenty of people who can't believe anyone would store their ketchup outside of the fridge.

One person tweeted, quote, "People that don't keep ketchup in the fridge are psychopaths."

(Image Cred: Getty Images, Content Cred: Which / BroBible)

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