CBS News Shuts Down NYC Headquarters after 2 Employees Test Positive

After learning two of their employees tested positive for the coronavirus, CBS News officials shut down their New York City headquarters Wednesday and sent everyone home, the network reports.

For the rest of the week, most employees will be working from home, while the network's live shows will be moved to other CBS locations, says Susan Zirinsky, president of the news division. "CBS This Morning" is set to air from Washington, D.C. on Thursday and Friday.

A cleaning crew has been hired to scrub and disinfect the CBS News offices, which are expected to reopen on Monday, the network revealed. But not for everyone -- employees who came into contact with the two infected workers are being asked to self-quarantine for two weeks, Zirinsky says.

Should everyone who works in that office be asked to quarantine themselves for two weeks? Should more employers allow their workers to do their jobs from home?

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(Image Cred: Getty Images)

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