Police Investigate after Video Shows Teens Coughing on Produce

While our first responders are busy enough during this Coronavirus pandemic, police in Virginia are actually being pulled away to investigate a a social media-posted video of teenagers coughing on produce inside Purcellville grocery store.

The police are telling parents to discourage this behavior after revealing in a Facebook post Thursday of the nationwide "disturbing trend", adding "please talk to your kids and explain to them why this is wrong."

No arrests have been made but the grocery store did remove the tainted produce.

Okay, what's your first reaction if you saw a teenager purposefully coughing on produce items during this pandemic? Should anyone caught attempting what has to be the dumbest trend on Earth right now face any type of criminal charges? Parents; if you learned your child posted a video like this to social media what would you do? Teens; what would you do if your friends thought this was a "funny" idea?

(Photo Cred: Getty Images)

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